dancingTracie began her study of the varied forms of Middle Eastern dance with a unique Oriental/Salsa fusion class in 2009. It was an interesting experience, but it didn’t quite feel like “home.” In 2010, she began studying dark tribal fusion and ITS with Isabelle Celeste Murray, and was invited to join Black Rose Caravan’s student troupe, The Rosebuds, shortly thereafter.

When the Rosebuds disbanded, Tracie began her study of ATS® with Jeana. She joined Indy Tribal in late 2014, after dancing with Indy Tribal’s student troupe, Mandali Tribal Sisters.

Tracie has some solo performance experience; but none of that compares with the experience of sharing a dance with her Indy Tribal sisters or with her daughter as part of the tribal duo, Clan Ibtihaj.

A veteran of improvisational comedy, Tracie enjoys the improvisational nature of ATS dance. “It’s an awesome feeling to know that when the music starts playing, a group of dancers can come together and, without communicating verbally, can create a beautiful dance using a common language, “ she says.

Photo by Pauline Shypula.

Tracie has also studied ATS, Oriental stylization, and tribal fusion through classes and workshops given by local instructors and teachers from around the country.   When she’s not dancing around the living room with a basket or sword on her head (shhhh…don’t tell her son!) Tracie is an instructional designer (which is just a fancy word for “corporate trainer”).  She spends her “free” time reading, writing, fixing up her house, and running her brood hither and yon.

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