Maria_picMaria began her dancing journey in 2009 with Susan Wenger and the Blue Fire Tribe and with Isabelle Celeste Murray of Black Rose Caravan. She fell in love with tribal-style dancing because of its supportive, communal, and non-competitive aspects, where each dancer is encouraged to be the best she or he can be. The result is a beautiful dance that exists because all the dancers connect to play their parts, and that can be shared with dancers around the world. She has attended many workshops with Fat Chance Belly Dance instructors as well as other instructors from around the country.

Maria also dances with Dark Side Tribal, a FCBD sister studio in Bloomington, IN, and with Muse Carnivale, a FCBD sister studio in Kokomo, IN. In her non-dance life, she is a kindergarten instructional assistant. She has made prize-winning gingerbread houses for the Conner Prairie festival of Gingerbread, and loves to read.

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