Not long after Tiffany made the decision to leave her childhood dance studio where she studied gymnastics, jazz, and lyrical dance, she became enamored with Tribal fusion belly dance when she saw Rachel Brice dance in Bassnectar’s music video for their song “Snake Charmer.” She began her belly dance journey years later in 2012 in Youngstown, OH when she found Eos Whole Fitness and Bellidance owned by Jennifer Neal.  Tiffany joined The Tribe of Eos shortly thereafter, due to Jen’s insistence and encouragement. She performed choreography by Jen and later experimented by collaboratively creating various fusion choreographies with her tribe mates, exploring many different styles of dance. Tiffany travelled to conferences such as Tribal Fest and Elevation Belly Dance where she was able to take classes from many talented dancers such as; Colleena Shakti, Karolina Lux, Kamrah, Mandala Danceworks, Donna Mejia, even Rachel Brice.

A year after joining The Tribe of Eos, she began studying Hot Pot Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) under the tutelage of Joanna Abel, founder of 3rdStreet Belly Dance in Pittsburgh, a sister studio to Eos. Tiffany completed an intensive weekend of workshops with the creator Amy Sigil and Kari of Unmata. She received her first level certification for Hot Pot ITS in 2015. Tiffany loved the comradery inherent in improv dancing. When her partner received a great job opportunity which resulted in relocation to Indiana in 2016, the first thing Tiffany did was search for an improv dance studio near her new home.  This is how she came to find Jeana Jorgensen of Indy Tribal, who teaches American Tribal Style, which is the foundation whence ITS grew. Tiffany enthusiastically learned the new style and joined the student performance troupe, Mandali. In 2017, she joined the professional troupe Indy Tribal, continuing to hone her improv dance skills through classes, workshops, and performance. 

When Tiffany is not dancing, she makes up stories and writes them down, mostly in the company of her feline familiar, or you can find her hiking in nature or traveling to eat her way through new cities, and often returning back to her hometown to reconnect with her Youngstown community of family, friends, and dancers.