Photo by Pauline Shypula.Rachel has been involved in belly dance since 2002 when she started taking classes in West Lafayette, IN with Kat Lebo (Shuvani). Since that time, she has received instruction in a variety of dance styles including traditional Middle Eastern, fusion, Improvisational Tribal Style, and American Tribal Style (ATS®) with many instructors across Indiana and the surrounding region. Rachel loves ATS for its earthy, down-to-earth, and grounded vocabulary of movements, the relationships between dancers that this dance style encourages, and the ability to connect with other dancers all over the world.

Outside of the dance classroom, Rachel is a sociology professor and writes academically about the social world of belly dance and the people who participate in it. When she is not engaged in something related to dance, Rachel enjoys traveling, being outdoors, and spending time with both her human and non-human family.

Rachel is currently on hiatus.

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