Photo by Pauline Shypula

Moira’s love of dancing began when her parents enrolled her in Irish Step classes at the local Irish American Hall on Long Island in 1968.  The recitals became a huge event with grand choreography, spinning quartets and quintets covering the stage.   Her next chance to join in group dance was the mid-80s in Manhattan NY taking clogging lessons at the studio of the Foot and Fiddle Dance Company.

Moira reflects: “Dancing with others has always been my favorite form of expression and enjoyment. The early introduction to group dance planted the seed of a love of dancing with others…and so I was absolutely head over heels when I discovered ATS in 2012.”  She began taking lessons with Teresa Tomb at Mecca Studios in Lexington, where she was introduced to Fat Chance Belly Dance.  “I was enthralled,” she recalls.

Within months, her first ATS classes were underway at the Kamala Chaand Dance Company with Tasha Rose in St. Paul, MN.  After a short while, Moira resettled in Indianapolis, IN as a student with Mandali Tribal Sisters student troupe, directed by Jeana Jorgensen.   Now as a member of Indy Tribal, Moira is delighted and exhilarated by the opportunity to dance with the whole world as a proud member of this troupe.

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