Angel was introduced to dance as a child, however her stage fright was debilitating. As a teenager, she earned an opportunity to dance with a competitive dance team. With the support of her dance coach, she learned how to manage her fear, perform and win a national competition with her team.

In 1998, Angel became part of the Swing Revival and learned the dances from that era. She hasn’t quit swing dancing with her partner-in-crime since! In 2012, she was introduced to the flow art of hoop dance. She has attended various workshops & classes with incredible teachers over  the past 6 years and continues to evolve with her hooping skills.
After seeing Indy Tribal perform once, Angel fell in love with ATS belly dance in 2016 and began taking classes immediately. She joined the student troupe, Mandali, in 2019 and continues to study and grow as a dancer and as a person. “Because of the grace, poise & dance language that transpires with my dance mates in the dance studio and on stage, it’s so easy to be inspired and want to work hard!” she says. Outside of all things dance, Angel enjoys live music, morel hunting in the Spring, reading everything, road trips and learning new things!